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Writings and Other Resources

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How (Not) to Kill a Muslim (Cascade Books, 2015).

Heaven on Earth (Abingdon Press, 2012) with Chris Seidman

The Feast (Leafwood, 2009)

Study Guide for the 2nd Edition of Mere Discipleship: Radical Christianity in a Rebellious World (Brazos Press, 2009)


This Book Is About . . . (Patheos #HOWNOTTOKILLAMUSLIM)

Muslims and Christians in America (Moody Radio)

Fred Gray and The Way (FOX NEWS ONLINE, forthcoming)

Patheos: The Bible Reading You (How the Bible Is Read in the U.S.)

Book Review: Learning to Walk in the Dark, Barbara Brown Taylor (The Christian Chronicle)

Muslims and Christians in America (Christianity Today/Church Leaders)

Jesus Was a Jew (I Am Not) (Patheos)

Sacred Texts (Patheos)

The Place in the Soul for Doubt (Patheos)

Projections (Patheos)

The Sacramental Church (Patheos)

Open Table Live (99.7FM) Interview on Islam and Christianity in the U.S. (April 2013)

Loving Our Muslim Neighbors (FOX NEWS Online April, 2013)

Not My Brother but You are My Neighbor (The Christian Chronicle June 2013)

A Review of Raschke’s Globo-Christ (April-June Missio Dei)

We Need Story (Feb. 9 The Tennessean Faith and Values)

The End of Words (Dec. 29th The Tennessean Faith and Values)

Heaven on Earth Interview (Patheos Online)

Deep Sadness (Fox News online, November, 2012): Living with deep sadness and pain and what to do with it.

Finding God on the Moon (Fox News online, August, 2012): God in all things.

Good Mourning (Fox News online, July, 2012): pain, grief, and loss

Sabbath-ing (Fox News online, April, 2012) or Take a Rest for God’s Sake

Prayer in the Stadium? (Fox News online, February, 2012)

“God is Not Done with Us” (Leaven, Pepperdine University, 2011)

“We Are the Stories We Tell Ourselves” Missio Dei Journal (August, 2011)

“The Charlie Strobel Story” (The Contributor, August, 2011)

Op-Ed for The Tennessean (Love Wins, 2011)

“A Revolution of Love” (New Wineskins, March-April, 2008)

“Jesus is Authority and Judge (in a Postmodern World)” (Christian Standard, January 14, 2007)

“Book Review: Evil and the Justice of God (New Wineskins, March-April, 2007)

“The Beauty of Suffering” (Leaven)

“Sex in the City,” in Reclaiming the Imagination: The Exodus as Paradigmatic Narrative for Preaching (Chalice Press, 2009)



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