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Intro by Brian McLaren

“Josh Graves knows that the soul’s hunger is not satisfied by right beliefs alone. People crave spirituality – and not just a wishy-washy, airy-fairy, this-and-that spirituality either. They want a robust, lifelong, dynamic, profound, and deep-rooted (or radical) spirituality that is focused, not simply on “my needs” or “my feelings,” but on Jesus and his mission in our world.”

Brian D. McLaren, author of Everything Must Change


“Here is a book that asks one of the most dangerous questions in the world:  “What if Jesus really meant the stuff he said?”  The Feast is an invitation to taste the goodness of God in Jesus, the Jesus who has been able to survive the mistakes of Christendom.  And it is my prayer that all of us who feast on Christ will become what we eat — for the world is starving for Good News that they can see and taste and feel.”

Shane Claiborne, author, activist, and recovering sinner. (


“In my ministry on a college campus I find young Christians and old who are yearning for a spirituality that demands everything and returns joy unending.  Like loaves and fishes with baskets leftover, this book will fill those who hunger after God with good things.  Read, and feast on the gospel of Christ.”

Craig Kocher, Associate Dean of the Chapel, Duke University


“In The Feast, Josh Graves explores the terribly important question of what it means to reconfigure Christianity as a way of life, instead of a mere system of beliefs. Along the way, we are reminded of many of the harsh, jagged edges of the story of which we are a part, which challenge our pre-conceived notions of what discipleship entails. But the story is not just of the cost of discipleship, but its joy too: So Josh also gives us a picture of a great feast indeed, a compelling picture of a kind of life lived in genuine liberty, and thus beauty.”

Lee Camp, author of Mere Discipleship


“In The Feast, Josh Graves leads us beyond what happens when we discover Scripture. He challenges us to imagine what happens when Scripture discovers us.”

 Sara Barton, Rochester College


“What you hold in your hand is of great relevance because it concerns the eternal.  And eternal matters are always relevant.  I found The Feast to be biblically-grounded, culturally-accessible, and subtly offensive to the spirit of religion within me.   It’s because of each of these realities that this book is so engaging.  Joshua Graves writes humbly, confessionally, without an heir of condescension or condemnation – inviting us to imagine with him what it looks like for things to be on earth as they are in heaven and to prayerfully contend for it to be so.”

Chris Seidman, Farmers Branch Church (


“This book is not one more argument about “post-Christendom Christianity.” There is little need for that. [TheFeast is rather a series of meditations on following Jesus today. The results are stunning. I came away not merely convinced, but moved.”

Randy Harris, Abilene Christian University


“At a time when it’s clear that fewer in the West consider themselves to be Christians, it’s critical that we think carefully about the meaning of the Jesus Story.  Is it possible that what others are rejecting isn’t Jesus himself – with his proclamation and embodiment of God’s reign – but caricatures of that story?  That’s why The Feast is such a welcome book.  Josh Graves is both a guide and a companion on this exciting journey to understand and experience afresh the meaning of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.”

Mike Cope, Heartbeat Ministries (

Intro by Brian McLaren
The Feast: How To Serve Jesus in a Famished World
Here is a book that asks one of the most dangerous questions in the world: "What if Jesus really meant the stuff he said?" - Shane Claiborne, author, activist, and recovering sinner (

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