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June 11, 2014

Blogging has come to a screeching halt.  Chalk it up to writing some posts for Scot McKnight (here, here, and here), a deadline for a book I have coming out in 2015 on Islam and Christianity in North America, church life, life life, blah, blah, blah. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found it hard (since starting a blog in the early 2000s) to blog on a consistent basis. I’ve had seasons in which I’ve blogged 15-20 times a month, and others seasons in which I wrote one post per month. The people who do it regularly (like this BEAST of a BLOGGER, OMG) simply amaze me.

Here are some random musings, stories, observations, books, and updates.

Kara and I celebrate 10 years of marriage in July. Boom. She’s a special, special woman.

Frank Viola responded to a series of posts written about disappointment with the local church. I think Viola was responding to me and some other friends. I obviously don’t think he “heard” what we were trying to say. UPDATE: Frank reached out to me and clarified he had not read any of the pieces on McKnight posts. I was wrong. Mea culpa.

I am currently in the middle of an Otter Creek Church teaching series on work and calling. I have enjoyed this series as much as any teaching series I’ve ever done. Not just because I did a series on death prior to but I love seeing the myriad ways God calls people into full engagement and creativity.

Detroit Trip. I just spent 3 days in Detroit with my twin brother and three friends. It was incredible. There’s no city in America that has my heart like Detroit. I love Nashville (#realtalk) but Detroit is so hard to explain. The ultimate paradox. We ate Lebanese food, debated the meaning of life with our Muslim waiter, watched baseball, talked life, sports, and more sports. Full. Very full.

We are almost to the point where we can play family 2×2 baseball and basketball games. I. Love. Nothing. More.

How has Fred Gray stayed anonymous? He’s a hero from the Civil Rights Movement. Virtually unknown. Member of Churches of Christ.

New book, with Cascade is slated to release March 2015-How Not to Kill a Muslim: A Manifesto of Hope for Islam and Christianity in North America. Nothing kills a room like someone saying, “So, what is the title of this new book?” Then I respond, explain and weather becomes a hot topic of interest. Don’t be afraid, America. No fear.

Michael Gerson’s Op-Ed (of which I’ve read 25x, I’m not exaggerating) slays me each time I read it.

Ever since I wrote THIS PIECE for FOX NEWS, I can’t stop thinking about it (the story, not that I wrote the piece). And THIS PIECE still gets me in trouble from time to time. Here are the archives for the other pieces I’ve written for FOX NEWS.

I recently spoke to a group of academic deans at the Christian Scholars Conference in Nashville.  A little different than teaching in a local church. I spoke about creating intentional space for Sabbath, creativity, and joy. Crucial IMO.

The Well. Otter Creek Church has a partnership with The Well which just opened it’s second location in Nashville. You need to know about this business that is turning coffee sales into water wells all over the world.

You MUST READ THIS BOOK. Seriously. The book will ruin you. You’re welcome.

This guy left my life! It’s a grieving process.

Family vacation in July. Beach. Books. Ocean. Laughter. Great food. I. Can’t. Wait.

I thought this interview with Brian McLaren was fascinating.

The NBA Playoffs have been incredible.

I think Popovich is the best coach in the modern era of the NBA. Better than Phil Jackson. #isaidit

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